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The Enemy of Reason – GamesThatWork

The Enemy of Reason

Enemy of Reason addresses the issue of cognitive bias — flawed patterns of thinking that exist in every human being. For an intelligence analyst dealing with matters of national security, avoiding these biases is especially important.

Players learn to identify, distinguish, and mitigate three kinds of bias: Confirmation Bias, Fundamental Attribution Error, and Bias Blind Spot. They develop awareness of their own biases and the techniques required to overcome them in themselves and others.

Assuming the role of Ian Solitaire, a hotshot secret agent, the player journeys through an iso world adventure, encountering and overcoming many biases along the way. Along the way, he utilizes the THINK Machine, a specialized tool for visualizing and navigating scenarios with potential bias.

The Educational Testing Service designed a test of Enemy of Reason’s impact on knowledge and behavior. Johns Hopkins University performed the test and the National Institute of Standards and Technology analyzed the results. These results showed knowledge and behavior improvement across all three target biases. Furthermore, rather than decaying with time, behavior actually improved even more during the 8 – 9 weeks after playing the game.